• Kristen Johnson

The Predator in the Night

In the darkness of night the predator stalks its prey … and he strikes. This predator is the most evil of all predators.  Its prey?  The young girls who have no home…no safe place of shelter…who live out on the streets.   These girls live terrified of what awaits them at night.

This sweet picture is a picture of the little children of two of our teen girls who have no home and no safe place to go…who live out on the streets... who were victims of the most evil predator.  Every evening they bring their children to eat at the evening meal and then go to try to find a place to hide for the night.  Can you imagine having to live this way?  Can you imagine your daughter having to live this way?

There is so much that needs to be done.  What a wonderful thing it is to be able to feed these kids one meal in the evening, but no parent in their right mind would ever be satisfied with only being able to provide one meal a day for their child.  They would work until they died to keep their children safe…to fight for them to have what they need to be safe!  

We have a home built waiting to open its doors to keep our children safe…yet, it has not been allowed to open yet by the officials.  Would you please pray with us that a miracle would happen and the doors of the Little Hands of Hope Children’s Home would be able to open?  It is an infuriating thing to have a safe place for the children to live and not be allowed to let them live there!  

Lets rally in prayer together…For this fight is not against flesh and blood but against the unseen powers of this dark world….Its a fight that must be won for the sake of our children!  

Would you also rally together with us and pray that the monthly need for support to care for our Street kids would come in every month? Support for food, medical care, overhead, missionary support, trade school fees, clothes, etc...

The needs are endless…but rallied together..the fight can be won!  Lets fight….Lets fight for these kids…

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