• Kristen Johnson

Saving a Life with Twenty Nine Cents

Look at what only twenty nine cents can do.

What does it take to give a full belly and a heart full of Hope to one of our Street Kids? Not much...just 29 cents and a heart full of Love.

A little goes so far. You have probably heard this before, but how true it is! Do you know that to feed one of our Street Kids a nutritious meal it costs 29 cents? Yeah, I know it seems unreal that 29 cents can save a life!

It seems so easy to do until we get bogged down in our everyday, doesn't it? We all live such busy lives filled with so many things with many obligations and bills that are forever needing to be paid.

I feel it, too. It's hard.

Yet, when we take a deep breath and a step back for a short moment to look beyond our own families and lives, we can see so many others who suffer and whose suffering can be eliminated with so little and in such a simple way.

A gift of only $10 a month will feed one of our Street Kids for an entire month! A gift of $20 a month will feed two of our Street Kids for an entire month! A gift of $30 will feed ....well, you get the idea. This is one of our biggest needs....consistent monthly support.

If you would like to give a one time or monthly gift, please visit our 'Donate' page on our website where all the information to do that can be found.

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