• Kristen Johnson

No Longer Forgotten

Little Andrew

His name is Andrew.  He was so quiet.  He was so small.  His eyes so full of hopelessness and fear.  

The other Street Kids were so kind to him.  As hungry as all the street kids always are, they compassionately let this little boy be the first in line to get his plate of food.  We piled his plate up so full with food that night!   He was only 5 years old.

None of the other street kids knew who he was.  They had never seen him before.  There was no place we could take him to be safe for the night.  We knew we couldn’t just leave him out on those streets.

We took a picture of little Andrew and went searching for any information we could gather about him.  We showed his picture to people all over town.  We prayed.

One day as we were showing people the picture of little Andrew, someone who had come to town to do business that day recognized him.  It turned out that Andrew’s dad was a boda-boda taxi driver (motorcycle taxi).  Sadly, we found out that little Andrew’s mom and dad were both killed in a boda-boda accident about a month earlier.  The person who recognized little Andrew knew the village that Andrew’s mom and dad were from and it was over an hour away.  Somehow, God had brought Little Andrew to us.

The next day we took little Andrew to that village and his extended family recognized him and were overjoyed that Andrew was ok and was back home.  We talked with the family of Andrew that he would be living with and their situation was a good one and they were such kind and loving people.  Andrew would now have food, be able to go to school and most importantly he would have a place to call home and a family that loves him dearly.

We thank God that He brought little Andrew to us and that God made a way for Andrew to get back to his home.

Sadly this is not the happy ending for so many of our Street Kids.  Every evening street kids show up droves to eat a warm meal before heading back out to the streets where they live.

Most of these kids do not have any living family to return to.  This one meal a day that we give to these street kids makes them feel like they do have a family who loves them and this warm meal is what makes their hearts know that they are not forgotten anymore, but they are deeply loved by many!

Before Little Hands of Hope stepped into the gap and started caring for these street kids, the town council called these kids, “The Forgotten Generation”.  But now the town council has given them new name!  “The Generation No Longer Forgotten.”  How amazing it is when we begin to live out the story that Jesus lived out for us.  Jesus came to Earth and let us know through his own life that we are precious to him and that we are his beloved and that we have not been forgotten!  May we all live out His love and His Life for others!  Thank you, Jesus...

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