• Kristen Johnson

Lets Pray

Hi Everyone! In case anyone is interested in doing some reading about Uganda regarding the closing of orphanages, here are a few articles. Let’s pray for all of the children who have been and are being returned to their families and pray for their families .... Let’s pray for all the children who have foster families set up to go to and for the foster families....Let’s pray for the children who will still be left homeless and alone with no place to go....lets pray for the children who have been so abused in some orphanage settings in Uganda....let’s pray for the officials in Uganda that they would have wisdom with all that is going on regarding the orphan crisis there....

We are still awaiting word from the officials regarding if our children’s home will be allowed to open or not.....

Let’s pray for an open door for our kids who have no place to go and are out on the streets and for all the orphans in Uganda....

Thank You, Jesus, that you see all of the children...Thank you that you hold them..,Let them feel your Love and comfort and give them a safe place to us what we can do to help them. Amen.…/operation-against-kampala-str…/amp/

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