• Kristen Johnson

Hope in a seemingly hopeless situation

Children's Homes and Orphanages are a big topic in Uganda right now. Over 500 orphanages are being shut down by June 30th because they are illegal. They did not go through the legal process of obtaining a license to be a children's home/orphanage. Last year we began the legal process to obtain a license to open the Little Hands of Hope Children's Home well before the shut downs started. We are now waiting to hear from the officials as to whether or not they will grant a license to Little Hands of Hope to open the Children's Home.

A few days ago, law enforcement tried to forcefully chase our kids away off the streets and from where we feed them every evening, but there is no place for them to go. Moses Kasozi spoke with the inspector who inspected our Children's Home about the situation with law enforcement. The inspector spoke with law enforcement and explained our plan to care for the kids at the home and also explained to them that we are going through the legal process to obtain a license to be able to open the Children's Home.

For now, law enforcement is allowing us to keep caring for our kids the way we have been while we are waiting for the officials to grant us a license to open the Home. The earliest we might hear something from the officials regarding the license is sometime in July.

On another note, we are in need of monthly support to care for our street kids! If you would like to help all the information needed to do that is on our 'Donate' page on our website. If you are a praying person would you pray that the needed support would be provided? Thank you!

We will keep you all updated with any news that we hear! To make sure you get all the updates, subscribe to our blog.

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