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Bringing Hope with a Cup of Joe

Bringing Hope with a Cup of Joe

How amazing it is to live in a land where our simple every day indulgences can save a life! Recently we held our first coffee house featuring local musicians and locally roasted coffee from right here on the coast of Maine! What a success this Coffee House was! It has helped carry us through this month to be able to care for our Street Kids!

Back in March a local inn in East Machias, The Riverside Inn, had their Grand opening of their small gourmet restaurant and gave 25% of what was made that night to help fund the medical needs of our children! Our local community is located in the poorest county in Maine and it is amazing to see how the kindness and love of a local business helped to save many lives through something so simple as a dinner!

Last month, a local homeschool group put on a coffee fundraiser to help feed our Street Kids! The kids sold coffee in person and online and the winner received a big basket of summer fun stuff! This is an ongoing fundraiser online so if you are a coffee or tea lover, please check our the link below because your daily dose of caffeine can help save a life!

Little Hands of Hope is run completely on people's kindness and loving hearts! These fundraisers are such an essential part of caring for our Street Kids and it is amazing the help and hope that is brought to these children when people get involved in such a simple way! If you would like to get involved and put on a fundraiser to help our kids, please feel free to contact us!

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