• Kristen Johnson


He came running over to me and gave me a huge hug! His big brown eyes sparkled with a huge smile. He couldn’t have been any older than 10 or 11. When I saw him running to me something happened in my heart. He wasn’t just a picture of a hungry orphan in a magazine or on TV anymore. He wasn’t just another hungry orphan boy.

He was my child.

He was my son.

I said, “Hi”, to him but he didn’t speak any English. He smiled back at me and held on so tight! He just stayed with me. He wouldn’t let go.

Somehow, all the pictures of hungry orphans I had seen in magazines and on TV had just become real! Tears welled up in my eyes as my heart wondered how I could have been so blind for all those years!

I couldn’t leave him. As I was standing there with him ... as he was hanging onto me so tight ... I looked around and there were so many more orphans! They were happily eating their evening meal and making a lot of fun noise as all children do! They were mine ... every single one of these children was my child.

I had no idea how I would care for all of them. I had nothing I could offer them except for my heart.

I prayed. I cried. I prayed and cried some more ...

Little Hands of Hope was born....

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