Tom and Kristen Johnson

Meet our Staff

Hi.  We are Tom and Kristen Johnson.  I am the founder and director of Little Hands of Hope.  My husband, Tom, and I and our daughter, Miah, live in Machias, ME.  My husband is a Corrections Officer and I am a Homemaker and Missionary to Uganda with an intense desire to care for orphans and kids who live on the streets in the slums of Uganda.


Some of the things I love are being a wife and a mom, caring for our Little Hands of Hope Kids, writing songs, reading stories of those who have gone before me, cooking, my pets, taking care of injured animals, the ocean, and drinking coffee!


 As for the things I really don't like.....I hate flying and early mornings!  

Moses Kasozi

Hi.  I am Moses Kasozi.  I care for our Little Hands of Hope Kids every day here in Uganda.  


I am a youth pastor and run my own small business in Nyendo, Uganda. I grew up an orphan myself and so I understand and know well the hardships and suffering of orphans in Uganda.  Watch the video below to learn more about my story and why I have given my life to care for these Little Hands of Hope Children.

Margret Nakayima

I am Margret Nakayima.  Every day I care for our Little Hands of Hope Kids.   

I grew up in a very poor home full of much love.  I know how hard it is to grow up a very poor child in Uganda and have always had a dream of being a mother to orphans.  My dream is coming true.