Meet Some of Our Kids

Come and Meet Young Ronald
Come and Meet Frank
Come and Meet Joseph

Come and Meet our Sweet Twins​


Cissy and Dorothy are 4 year old twins.  Their mother died when they were very little. The father then moved to another town and left these little children with their extremely old grandma who is too old and frail to care for them. One day they showed up for the meal we feed the street kids every evening.  We are so grateful God led these two little ones to us...Now they have full bellies and hearts filling with Hope!

Come and Meet Joshua
Come and Meet Emmanuel
Come and Meet David
Come and Meet Andrew and Simon

Andrew is 15 years old and Simon is 11 years old.  They are brothers.  They lost their father when they were about 6 years old.   They then lived with their mother.  At 9 years old, they came to look for food on the streets because their mother was always sick and could not provide for them. 

Their mother was taken to a nursing home and the boys where left alone just trying to survive.  But, now their bellies get filled up every evening and their hearts are full of Hope!