Medical Care

Medical care in Uganda is impossible for these street kids to get.  Little Hands Street Kids bandages up the physical wounds that these children get just by every day living on the streets.  We treat them for easily treated diseases such as worms and diarrhea when needed.  Little Hands also take the kids who get sick while living on the street to the hospital or to see a doctor when it is needed.  

Jiggers are small flea like bugs that burrow under the skin of the feet and lay their eggs.  Their eggs hatch and grow into larva's that can get as big as a golf ball under the skin of the foot.  Here are some pics of our kids' feet infested with jiggers and our staff and volunteers nursing the sore feet of our kids.

When we are able, we put on Medical Camps for the street kids where we treat them for easily treated diseases, give them hair cuts, bandage their wounds and provide them with shoes and clothes.