Learn A Trade

Street kids are unable to get and education or learn a trade so their future is not a good one.  Most likely their future will be living as homeless adults out on the same streets that they grew up as street kids on.  Little Hands of Hope enables the older street kids to go to a trade school to learn a trade so that they have a much better chance of getting a job and living a better life as adults within their communities.


This is a picture of our two oldest street kids.  They are both 17 years old and are enrolled in a trade school program to learn mechanics to work on boda boda's.  These two boys never dreamed it would be possible to ever have a chance at anything! Now they are learning a trade and with this trade they will be able to support themselves and their future families. 

Meet Francis

I would like you to meet Francis!  Francis has been living on the streets of Nyendo, Uganda for the last 7 years after his parents died.  He is old enough to learn a trade and because of your kindness and love and support he is now attending a metal welding trade school!