Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Little Hands of Hope?

Little Hands of Hope's mission is to bring hope...starting with a full belly to orphans, street kids and hungry children in Masaka Uganda. Little Hands of Hope enables orphans, street kids and hungry children in Masaka Uganda to break free from the cycle of poverty and to find lasting Hope in Jesus.

Little Hands of Hope has been created to bring hope . . . . starting with a full belly to orphans, street kids and hungry children in Masaka, Uganda.  

When these kids' daily needs...such as food, clean water, clothes,, medical care, shelter and love are met, their hearts begin to realize that someone really does love them and that God has not forgotten about them - and for our kids here at Little Hands of Hope this is the beginning of hope being born in their hearts.  

How does Little Hands of Hope carry out their mission?  

Little Hands of Hope carries out this mission by providing orphans, street kids, and hungry children with a warm meal everyday; by sending the older kids who have not had access to an education to a trade school so that they will be well equipped to get a job or start their own business; by building a home where our orphans, and street kids will live ...  A home where they will be loved and have all their daily needs taken care of such as clean water, food, and medical care as well as given an education to equip them for their lives in the future; by living out Love to these kids so they will feel and know the Hope and Love of Jesus.

Can I donate online?  

Yes.  Donations can be made online on our Contact/Donate page.

Is Little Hands of Hope non-profit?

Yes, Little Hands of Hope is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation.  We are funded completely by people's kindness and loving hearts.  

Is Little Hands of Hope tax exempt?

Yes.  Little Hands of Hope is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3)of the Internal Revenue Code.

If I send a check what/who do I make it out to and where do I send it?

Checks should be made out to Little Hands of Hope.  They can be mailed to:


Little Hands of Hope

42 Hudson Blvd.

Machias, ME  04654