A Cup of Hope

There are over 200 street kids living in the slum of Nyendo outside of Masaka Town.  Some are so abused in their homes that they run to the streets because living on the streets for these kids is safer than living in their homes.  Many are AIDS orphans with no where to go after their parents die except to the streets just hoping to survive.  Every day our children face so many threats.  They live in unsanitary disease infested places eating from dumpsters.   They have no shelter from the rain and thunder and lightning or wild animals.  They sleep alone outside every night with just the stars for their blanket.  They face the threat of kidnapping and child sacrifice because they have no one to keep them safe and no place of safety to run to....Little Hands of Hope is on a mission to change all of this...starting with a full belly. 

Every night anywhere between 40 and 60 Street Kids show up for the evening meal.  Little Hands of Hope provides a warm meal for them to help make them strong and warm and to let them know that they are not forgotten and that someone loves them.